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Mehdi is passionate about fitness and health. Amongst his many achievements as a professional athlete, he was a swimming gold medalist for the Moroccan, Arabic, and African swimming championships. In addition to that, he competed and won the Abu Dhabi Iron Man in 2011, 2012 and 2014. Mehdi participated and won multiple competitions and challenges such as the Spartan race and Aquathlon. Mehdi specializes in working with people of various backgrounds and levels of fitness. His range of experience spans training military soldiers of the UAE for seven years to developing those aspiring to participate in competitive sports events and challenges. Mehdi’s unique experience and knowledge can help members achieve their fitness and health goals. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Sciences and updated his fitness and health knowledge with courses and workshops ever since such as Calisthenics, CrossFit, Functional Training, HIIT and Cardio Methods. He is also an accomplished swimming instructor that has taught all levels of swimming, including those that are preparing for triathlons and beginners that are looking for a low impact exercise to maintain their cardiovascular health. Mehdi is trilingual and can communicate with members in English, French and Arabic. Let Mehdi help you attain your fitness dreams.