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Keep striving for perfection, even if you fall short you reached furtherthan you thought

+ Body Transformation Coach
+ Nutritional Plans and Guidance
+ Fat Loss
+ Strenth Training
+ Boxing/Muay Thai

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Zahid possess more than 15 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and continues to learn and increase his knowledge. His professional History includes position from Personal Trainer for VIP clientele in London and in the UAE. Managing a fitness teams and also working in the worlds leading body transformation gym where he helped clients achieve their dream bodies. He also has background in martial arts such as Muay Thai, Chinese kickboxing and western boxing, which he competing in and though. Zahid has holistic approach towards fitness, Therefore, thakes an extensive look into hhis clients current life styles i.e. sleep quality, stress levels, nutrition, exercise history just to name a few. All of which can help desigh a program that help design a program that best meets the clients needs. Zahid also provides nutritional plans bases on the individual's maintenance metabolicrate. To provide a meal plan with all macro nutrients as specific percentages to reach their desiredd body composition.